The most reliable way to get cryptocurrency

Kryptasche allows users to store, send and receive a multiple range of cryptocurrencies with a safe environment and a user-friendly interface.


What You Choose KrypTasche

Convenient Accessibility

Easily accessible via smartphone from anywhere in the world for cryptocurrencies transactions made in any cryptocurrencies market.

A Safety Net for Digital Assets

Added security upgrades and a team of professional cyber securities create a highly effective form of supplemental security.

One App for it all

The Kryptasche eliminates the need for a dual or additional wallet. Users may store a wide range of cryptocurrencies in a single wallet without any hassle.

Our wallet is built for the cryptocurrency beginner

Money won’t last Forever — that is Guaranteed, Cryptocurrency isn’t just the future because that is what a committed band of dreamers would have you believe. It is the future because it is a new operating system for a decentralized world.


Individual enjoy a level of safety as they carry limited or no physical cash which could be misplaced or stolen


Users may conveniently make payments using their smartphones instead of carrying a lot of unnecessary cards or cash


By accepting cryptocurrency, an economy opens the bridge to access billions of dollars in market capitalization.

GDP Growth

Cashless transactions allow for small purchases that usually get omitted due to the lack of physical cash at hand.


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